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Anal for men is a completely different proposition than anal for women. Why? Men have a prostate. There is something to stimulate on the inside that makes it worth it. Beyond that, people have different nerve distributions, sphincter geometries, and pain tolerances. 'If I can take it, so can you' is such a completely unscientific false equivalency and you should call him on it.

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he gets agitated when he holds the controls because they stop moving, but gets equally upset if I try to take it back to help him

You know you can just hand him a controller that's not plugged in, right?

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The measurement of the Planck constant does contain the unit "kilogram," but it's definition does not. The definition of the Planck constant is "the ratio of the energy of a quantum of radiation to its frequency". So now, instead of saying "a kilogram is equal to this lump of metal and Planck's constant is equal to approximately 6.62607004 × 10-34 m2 kg / s" we say "Planck's constant is energy/frequency, like always, and a kg is equal to [Planck/(6.62607004 x 10-34)]s/m2".

Since we never defined Planck's constant based on the kilogram, we just knew the approximate conversion factor, it's not recursive.

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That's surprising. Does this rule extend to if the crime is ongoing, and someone is being hurt by it? Say an adult confesses that they are abusing their child, or a child tells you during confession that their parent is abusing them. Is there not a duty to report? If not, is there tension between the church and law enforcement over this?

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I may have misunderstood what he was saying. What I thought OP was saying was that when he hands his son the controller, the cars on the screen stop moving and that agitates his son. However, if OP keeps the real controller in his hands, and moves the cars, while handing his son a dummy controller that is not plugged in, the cars on the screen will keep moving while the toddler bashes at the dummy controller and everyone will be happy.