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Their website is very heavy on the marketing, light on actual information.

If you drill down you'll find they currently only offer one 'Programme' - a one year course in Data Analytics. There is no degree or even mention of a certificate.

The way it's costed is a bit gimmicky too. 15% of your income when you make more that $50.000. So that's at least $22,500 for a one year programme. And I can't seem to find any more information about that other than two sentences. I haven't looked at Degree courses in a very long time, but that seems like an awful lot.

Oh, and I can't seem to find a physical address anywhere on their site - always a red flag.

I dunno. The whole thing feels like something a direct marketing outfit would throw together. Maybe that's part of the 'innovation', but it feels cheap and lacks credibility.

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If these things are so organically popular, why do they need an army of internet trolls and millions in ads to relentlessly propagate?

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Right, so we’ve established that Brexit and Trump didn’t spring up organically, they were deliberately propagated by high dollar advertising and trolling (assisted greatly by the GRU).

And you knew that already.

Nice to find some common ground.

I’m sure you’ll refrain in future from disingenuously suggesting that either phenomenon arose from, or is sustained by, organic support.

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How much do you think the police learned from the mistakes they made in the Picton murders, and what sort of parallels do you see between that case and this one?

(And by parallels, i mean lots of people dismissing the deaths by blaming the victims - like what we're seeing a lot of in this thread right now).

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Hey, thanks for doing this, hope you're still answering questions. I'm Canadian, but have been living in the UK for the past 15 years and am married to a UK citizen. We've recently been talking about moving back to Canada and I'd love to know what process we need to go through to get her permission to work and how long that might take?