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What's your opinion of where the internet needs to go from here? On one hand I recognize the needs to get at predators, on the other hand I respect the internet for the freedom it provides. What's your take?

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Two questions.

What is the Malian government doing to rebuild? What goes on to pick up after the wreckage caused by the rebels? How much of that threat still exists?

Similar for Kenya, has the feelings of safety for the average people changed since the mall attack?

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Sounds similar to the US to be fair. Look at any crowd picture from a punk band. Occasionally there's a girl, but usually it's all guys.

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I appreciate this. In the US there is a lot of christian punk, in my opinion it's okay if the music is good, but when it's only purpose is religion then I'm not interested

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Thank you for the thoughtful response. It breaks my heart when stability-shaking tragedies like this happen and remind me that problems sit so close to the surface and can pop up anytime.