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Were there rumors about that place that you knew of before you started? Why did you apply in the first place? (Genuinely curious! I worked for people like them in high school-- God complex and all-- I hope you do well and work at much better places in the future!)

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Fascinating. Did they give you any lowdown prior to Ramsey's visit to the restaurant? Coaching, what to say, etc.?

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I don't know if this will help you, but it helped me this past year when I came across it on reddit and struggling a lot with super positive Pollyanna advice (which honestly, made it so much worse) but here this piece is: anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly. Even half brushing my teeth, half showing, half making my bed is worth doing. Sometimes, I can't give whole effort and I still struggle immensely to get through every day, but even halfway doing things is okay. It takes off the pressure to get it always right, all the time and become entirely avoidant. I hope you get the help and support for your mental health. hugs

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Do you think the debates should go back to the way the League of Women Voters ran them before the modern commission took over (which basically kowtows to all party requests and has "memorandums of understanding".) From How Stuff Works:"The league used an open format, allowing follow-up questions among candidates. These types of questions are difficult to prepare for before a debate -- they're unpredictable."

Also, do you watch any of your local PBS programming? I'm in Pittsburgh and Rick Sebak is one of our heroes (along with the saint, Mr. Rogers.) Thanks for answering questions!

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Good advice- thank you! I would imagine though the presidential candidates have so much control, it really doesn't matter and there isn't a sense of respect and decorum for debate to occur in the way it did. Especially now that a lot of media which does have access to politicians does not ask harder questions.