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Do you feel that your parents were anti-vaxx because of their conservative political views (i.e. “the government can’t tell me how to raise my child”), a fear of ‘toxins’/‘poisoning’ you, or some other reason?

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Wow! That is impressively young. One of the reasons my kid dropped out of fencing was that he couldn’t picture dedicating himself to the sport for decades before being old enough to be taken seriously.

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Tim Hortons is like that in Canada. You guys should have some sort of international summit to compare strategies.

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Thanks for the explanation! At first I thought you were getting a crappy liver because you’d already had one, and they were letting the younger girl have the good one because she was cuter or something. :)

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I don’t quite understand the domino transplant. The girl with MSUD gets a healthy liver, and you get a screwed up liver? Is the idea that the MSUD liver is still better than the one you had at the time? Or does the MSUD liver heal once it’s in your body?