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What sort of features do these houses have? Are we talking plumbing? I assume some sort of electricity for lightning....any temp control besides insulation?

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It should be noted there were people in the German army and those in the Nazi party. There was a difference. Just because someone was in the German army doesn't mean they fell in line w/the Nazi party. I remember an episode of "who do you think you are" Chelsea Handler found out a great grandfather was in the German Army during the war. She was very upset. Then it was discovered he was basically a "shit" soldier who never advanced likely on purpose. It was a way of civil disobedience without getting killed. Be just a shitty enough soldier to not get anything accomplished and offer nothing of value. But there was a difference between the German Army and Nazi party. Trust me I'm no Nazi sympathizer (I'm Jewish) but I want to acknowledge those who found ways to stand up, even in small ways.

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How much have scientific advances changed SMA? Took care of a kiddo years ago in the ER with SMA. Haven't seen many cases since. Congrats on graduation!

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Damn. I mean I wasn’t jealous till I heard water cannon. Then I got jealous.

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How do you keep to your grid/plan if you’re reliant upon friends for a place to crash? What dictates your schedule? The roof over your head or your map?