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It should be noted there were people in the German army and those in the Nazi party. There was a difference. Just because someone was in the German army doesn't mean they fell in line w/the Nazi party. I remember an episode of "who do you think you are" Chelsea Handler found out a great grandfather was in the German Army during the war. She was very upset. Then it was discovered he was basically a "shit" soldier who never advanced likely on purpose. It was a way of civil disobedience without getting killed. Be just a shitty enough soldier to not get anything accomplished and offer nothing of value. But there was a difference between the German Army and Nazi party. Trust me I'm no Nazi sympathizer (I'm Jewish) but I want to acknowledge those who found ways to stand up, even in small ways.

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How much have scientific advances changed SMA? Took care of a kiddo years ago in the ER with SMA. Haven't seen many cases since. Congrats on graduation!

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How do you keep to your grid/plan if you’re reliant upon friends for a place to crash? What dictates your schedule? The roof over your head or your map?

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What core things do children face today that they didn’t 35 years ago? What is the same? Sesame Street was one of the 2 shows my mother allowed when I was a kid (35+ years ago). The other was Mister Rogers...

I still love Sesame Street....

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No you didn’t pay for the convo. You paid for the hospitalist to review your chart, review your labs and decide after talking/assessing you that it was/was not ok for you to go home. Anytime the nurse needs to “call the doctor” they’re calling the hospitalist. When your no longer needing IV pain meds and want to switch from clear liquids to solids, that’s the hospitalist who needs to know that. You don’t pay for a ten minute convo. They’re managing your care behind the scenes. Cuz trust when I tell you, the surgeon isn’t gonna want to be called at 2 am because you need a different pain Med. Unless you’re crashing they don’t wanna know.

Source: I’m an ed nurse. I know what’s going on behind the scenes.