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what kind of chemicals do you refer to? You mean pesticides? I had no idea they were 100k!

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As someone who does molecular biology but is not aware that much about neuroscience (because let's face it, we're all pretty siloed in biology), what are the biggest/hottest new questions in molecular neuroscience right now? For instance in my field, one of the biggest questions is is there a general mechanism/function of enhancers RNAs, or is it kind of like what we see with lincRNAs and it's lncRNA dependent.

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What is the best bio department at Harvard and why is it BBS?

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The problem with bottled water however isn't whether it's good management. Rather it's the large amount of plastic used to contain it (because it's cheap).

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What do you say to people who find it hard to get into reading Comic Books because there's so much backstory/history behind each of the Marvel characters? It's pretty daunting (and expensive) for people who didn't grow up in that age.