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I hope I've caught you in time...I read your comment about metal vs plastic frames in terms of what fits your face/nose, and I now know I really should have gone with metal, but it's kinda too late for that :/ I bought some plastic ray bans and they keep slipping down my nose. I revisited the LensCrafters and told them the issue, but they kinda just curled the back part around so it would hug my ears more. So now my glasses hurt my ears AND keep slipping down. It's like the area for the nose is just too wide to stay up on my thin nose bridge. Any advice?

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Thank you for the advice!! I'll go back in and hopefully get it sorted out.

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Your sentence doesn't make sense, because 'rape' inherently means 'not wanted'. So....idk what you're trying to say here. That some women WANT to be raped...?