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bingsuforyou70 karma

Do you think with your repeated 'emergencies' that your party - which already sounds less than serious - will become like the boy who cried wolf, who no-one believes when a real 'emergency' hits? Emergency as in life or death act right now or it's over emergency, not confected social emergency more about attracting attention and grandstanding whilst effectively changing/doing nothing emergency?

bingsuforyou15 karma

I hate to say it, but your kind of politcal stunting comes very close to populism in my book. Not in the traditional sense, but hte 'new populism' is all about social media statements etc. Big grand instagram actions backed by little in the way of concrete ability to do much, and a deaf ear to anyone who mentions the WHY behind your identified problem of right wing violence. I don't have a view here or there about the issues you identify, but declaring an EMERGENCY (cue the flashing red and blue lights) is pure populism in my book. A big grand useless empty gesture.

bingsuforyou3 karma

Do you miss lovelyt French bread? And a huge thank you from Australia - we stood shoulder to shoulder back in WW1, your late husband is a hero in my eyes.