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Do you feel like this case would have gone this far if his court appointed attorneys were better / not overworked and able to sufficiently give each of their clients proper attention? *also please give Sister Helen Prejean a huge hug for us!

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With the recent cases of persons getting the death penalty and not actually pulling the trigger as in this case or Kelly Gissendanners how are they able to get this far in sentencing with the death penalty, but the actual persons that did the crime are getting away. Second, how can the testimony of the actual murderer be considered reliable, especially when that's about all the evidence?

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Thanks for the answer, and thank you for your tireless efforts. You are appreciated.

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My wife (who's wearing a Notorious R.B.G shirt) would like to know who is your favorite supreme court justice?

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Stephen Breyer

Excellent choice! She's bookmarking his dissent for her evening reading after the kids are in bed!