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billyshakesbeer77 karma

Hey Dr. Jess, My wife has always struggled with getting "pulled out of the mood" during sex by something that distracts her. It could be a sound I make or that is made by what we are doing, a sudden discomfort from the position, something I say or anything, really. She gets easily distracted and then loses interest completely in the sex act. I can almost feel it happening her whole body movement changes and she tenses up. The only time it doesn't happen is when she's drunk! Is this common? Any tips? thanks!

billyshakesbeer18 karma

Have you been trying for long? We listened to all of the stressful warnings from friends too but kinda made each other promise we would only go down that route of tracking everything if we couldn't get pregnant without it. I firmly believe your best shot is just ignoring all of that initially unless normal sex doesn't work. Apologies if you're already at that stage, but if you aren't, I'd say just ignore it all and fuck when it's convenient to fuck and when you want to fuck! (but definitely fuck!). Worked for us! Maybe actually a bit too soon, I would've liked more "trying" :)