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I understand how shorts can make money especially by artificially creating bad press. How do they bring a company down?

And separately, if you are a profitable company with a good looking future, doesn't a short "attack" make for the perfect time to run a stock buyback strategy, if you consider your stock undervalued?

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Priority can be given to a phase

Damn that sounds cool. I'm gonna start saying that.

"Can you wash the dishes?"

Negative, Priority has been given to the beer drinking phase

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Not the OP, but I'll weigh in with my story, but this is from decades ago now so I'm sure things have changed.

During a training exercise we were chasing our instructor who was flying a Skyhawk. It was a pair exercise so I was bearing down on the instructor and my wingman was a little behind, guarding my rear.

LT Haith says egos don't fly these days, but in my day they did, and my wingman and I had some on-the-ground rivalry he brought up into the air with us.

While I was taking my time lining up my shot, he thought I was taking too long and got impatient. When you're impatient you make mistakes, and tragically that's what happened.

He accelerated towards me but hit my jetwash - in the trail of a fighter jet the air is not smooth and you can lose control. He did. He lost control of his aircraft and ejected. Ejector seats are not fun - someone else mentioned you pull up to 20Gs when you eject. His radar man hit the cabin cover as he ejected, and that was what killed LT Bradshaw. The pilots name was LT Mitchell - they should make a movie about him.

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Interesting - how are the farms you go to selected? Is it random, or because there’s been reports of abuse, or some other strategy?

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I agree. It is usually the unethical behaviour like pushing bad press that hurts the company, not the short positions themselves. And it seems like an oversight that it is easier to identify people who are publicly talking up a stock they own, vs publicly talk down something they're shorting, given both are manipulating the market.

I don't see anything wrong with privately shorting and keeping the position to yourself. Or even publicly shorting and leaving the company alone. Shorting is probably the only downward pressure on stock prices; the stock market shouldn't be a place you can put your money and guarantee to come out richer. Companies values have to be related to their fundamentals and future prospects, and when they are overvalued, the market should correct that