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Yes, please, I would like to bet my entire net worth that Elon and/or SpaceX won't land a man on Mars within ten years from today. How can I do that, please ? I am ENTIRELY serious.

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A password manager can:

  • make it very easy to generate good random passwords

  • store them in an encrypted database with no extra steps needed

  • report on duplicate or weak passwords

  • remember scores or hundreds of passwords easily

  • also store other important data such as a picture of your passport ID page

  • have groups to organize passwords for your whole family

I agree, keep the data offline, not online. But back it up well.

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There are databases of breached accounts; you can check to see if yours are in them: https://haveibeenpwned.com/ has been around for a while, Mozilla/Firefox is partnering with them now to do more.

Mostly they are useful if you re-use passwords across sites. If you find your account at X was breached, the operators of X probably have already forced you to change your password there. But if you used the same password at site Y, you should go to Y and change your password there ASAP.

I am unaware of any sites where you can check to see if your credit-card info has been exposed. I have heard that the credit-card companies use services that will tell them "hey, 10000 numbers from your customers suddenly have become available for sale, you must have had a breach".

If you want to see how much of your personal info is available online, you could try a site such as https://radaris.com/ or https://www.advancedbackgroundchecks.com/ or https://www.publicrecordsnow.com/ There are hundreds or thousands of such sites, and they exchange info with each other and sometimes disappear and re-appear under a different name.

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Industrial hemp is the next new, big idea.

Growing hemp has been legal in other countries for decades, maybe a century or more. Has it led to all kinds of wonder-applications in those countries ? Why not ?

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How did they pull this off?

Part of this might be that it's in the interest of the salesperson and car dealer to have the deal go through. As long as they get their money from the loan company (up front), they're happy. Later on, it becomes the loan company's headache.