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No. But omg I have something perfect for you: https://www.justtherecipe.com/

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What advice do you have for somebody who wants to plan a cross-country motorcycle trip?

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As Thor said, no C&Ds so far. On the contrary, we have been in touch with several top leaders at many of the world's largest publishers and the conversations have been friendly and interesting. Generally speaking, they come to us. We don't do any marketing to publishers, and we're always very transparent about our biz model, our technology, our plans for the future, etc.

Regardless, I think your overall analysis is right on. We are fully aware that we're going to face some resistance from publishers, for exactly the reasons you outlined. We will get some C&Ds. There's no question about that. When it happens, we'll respond accordingly. If a publication doesn't want anything to do with Readup, we'll probably help to make that accommodation. (Our peers don't do this, by the way. Imagine a publication telling Facebook, "Stop allowing your users to share links to our articles on Facebook." How would that even work?)

I feel very confident going into these conversations because I'm confident about Readup's mission. We know who we're building this thing for. We have a strict rank order of priority:

(1) Readers (2) Writers (3) Publishers (X) Advertisers

To us, readers are more important than writers. And writers are more important than publishers. Advertisers don't exist to us.

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YES! Email me: [email protected]

(It might take me a few days to reply, my inbox is getting a little silly right now and I've been ignoring it all day because I'm hanging out here.)

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