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Hey guys! I just had a few questions for you all:

First off, in "Don't Swallow the Cap", Matt references the album Let It Be, and a lot of people were wondering if it was in reference to the Replacements album or the Beatles album.

Also, I'm a huge fan of the Virginia EP and the expanded version of High Violet. Are you guys planning on doing something similar to those for Trouble Will Find Me, perhaps something to tie in with the release of the Mistaken For Strangers film?

P.S. Your choices of songs to cover has always be awesome and eclectic, got any plans for future ones? I know we at the American Mary forum would love to see you do a certain Pavement cover :)

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That's sounds awesome, Remain in Light is one of my favorite albums so I'd really love to hear your take on that kind of sound!

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Any chance of you guys coming to Bonnaroo this year?