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Have you ever met anyone who has the opposite condition, where the bones turn into some other kind of tissue? My neighbour has that :(

Thanks for sharing, I will donate to the research

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I've known two people with the same type of alopecia as you, they both developed it after a period of extreme stress (a bereavement, and the other after her husband abandoned her, leaving her penniless with a small child). Eventually their hair did grow back, although it was 4-5 years later, and it did grow back differently (thinner, more fine, more prone to breakage and doesn't grow as fast as normal, so they both have short hairstyles)

I developed a type of inflammatory/autoimmune arthritis after a period of emotional stress as well, but that has never gone away, although it has a pattern of flaring up with periods where it doesn't cause much pain. Autoimmune conditions are quite weird really. Some people with my arthritis swear by no gluten/no starch diets but it didn't work for me

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Thanks for your reply, I have AS too and came to ask the same thing

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Maybe their neighbour has vilitigo (causes patches of skin to lose colour) as well - I understand that alopecia arreata is more common in those with vilitigo