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Did the client who offered up his jizz get some store credit?

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You can get a lower level DUI ("wet and reckless") with any amount of alcohol in your system, in many states.

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But they still spend less on healthcare than we do, and many have better care.

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If the system is designed to handle TP, like they are in most developed countries, then it's fine. TP in the trash has a health risk as flies can get in and spread disease.

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I totally understand. So many people in my town complain about the homeless population. It is a problem, but they don't cause much trouble, some people are just really bothered by the presence. I'm actually more affected than most, as there have been squatters in the vacant house next door to me, but a lot of people complain way more than me just based on stories of drugs and theft.

Not saying that's what's going on in Sweden, just that I understand how two people have opposing views of living in the same place.