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May be he set the tone, but without Travis there would have been no Uber. And I am sure he is a better man than the media makes him out to be.

For someone like me who doesn’t have the privilege of using Uber in my home country, it’s disheartening when a company like Uber is bashed to the extent that people forget every thing that is right with it.

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It’s not only about the book. Look up, he is pretty open to questions about his reporting which he did not answer?

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So has a been done by a few world leaders as well but you don’t blame their country for it.

Also, not the entirety of Uber is at fault, and I am sure those of who were at fault have been dealt with strictly.

I am talking about the positive aspects like how it has enabled thousands of jobs and how a lot of people actually don’t want to own a car and do car pool thereby reducing carbon footprint.

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Have been following you for a couple of years on Twitter now. One thing that I noticed is that, though Uber has achieved so much on its own, you rarely tend to report/tweet any positive news. Agreed Uber has lots of flaws, but it sometimes feels like you wanted Uber to fall and with that Travis Kalanick. Would love to hear your view?

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Haven’t read the book so won’t comment on it. But I am talking about the general perception that you get when you read his tweets and his reporting. I personally think Uber changed how we commute.

May be it’s human nature to bring down someone who has climbed the ladder really fast.