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We play roulette a lot and average about $90 per spin between my husband and myself. I bet around $50, my husband around $40. We stick with the same numbers pretty much so we know the pay outs. 1. Usually throughout a night, we will have at least 1-2 dealers who try to short us on pay outs, over and over. My husband is a math wiz, and will correct them. As a pit boss, and a dealer, what is your opinion of the best way for us to point out their errors? We do not want to embarrass anyone, but after it happens repeatedly, it is hard not to suspect the dealer of trying to short us. Some of the dealers will get very defensive and argumentative. Should we always get the pit boss involved? 2. Sometimes when we are losing, we have to buy in for more chips. Our casino host always tells us to make sure the pit boss is aware of every buy-in. Usually the dealer just calls out "changing $100" and we can tell the pit boss is not even hearing it. When we ask the dealer to be sure the pit boss hears, the dealers tend to get bitchy about it. (It sounds like we play at a casino with crappy dealers, but these are just our top 2 issues, out of hours and hours of play.) we are fun, polite people and usually have a great rapport with other players and dealers. We also tip the cocktail servers and dealers quite well.) Thanks for doing this AMA and for answering my questions.

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Hi Eddie, Do you have any good David Lee Roth stories? Also, I was wondering if you have heard the latest from Tesla. If so, what do you think?