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Do you ever tell people beforehand where you will be mapping so that they can do something memorable for Google Earth?

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I commend you and your colleagues for exposing your findings of abuse on some of the most vulnerable people in society.

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Did you grow your hair long after the MDMA therapy?

Just kidding. Well you can answer if you really want to.

This should be something pursuing if it works on PTSD. Glad you're better CJ!

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Good point. If so, we may be in the same boat as Flint.

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Is any of the food made in China? I have a store near me and I bought a ceramic soup bowl for $1 and bragged a little to my friends about my score but then I started worrying about the paint being lead. I broke it by accident after (it served me well, as far as I know). Are there any precautions by the company to make sure dining utensils aren't contaminated with lead?