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  1. How's the pay and benefits?
  2. Do you have to flag things in any way if you notice that you drove past something they won't want going live? (Naked people, violent acts, etc)
  3. Thanks for the info...always have wondered!

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Given all the hubbub about Ace & Peter and RRHOF, what did you think of Paul Stanley's book (if you read it)?

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Hey Sven...love the show (I'm in Fresno...pretty far from Berwyn). Have you ever thought about airing an old silent film or two? There's some great possibilities there (Nosferatu, Phantom, the original Frankie) that, rights allowing, might be fun for folks to see.

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Lugosi or Chaney - you can only pick one. Who do you choose?

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Paul, THANK YOU for all of the great music over the years. Is there any chance we'll ever see you release some of the hidden gems that have leaked in demo form over the years...beyond the first box set? Songs like Don't Let Go and others are so great...would love to hear them in their full quality someday.