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I've had relationships with 2 girls who have expelled lots of fluid during sex - I'm hesitant to call it squirting because they both had the sensation that they hadn't reached orgasm. But we'll have sex and she'll get really into it, and then we'll notice that there's fluid (that vaguely smells of pee) all over us and the bed.

My current girlfriend is 27 and it happened to her for the first ever a week ago (the other girl was my first girlfriend and I was her first). The only position where it happens is with me on top missionary style but with her holding her legs up against my shoulders. I guess this is the position that most stimulates the G-spot.

I'm about 80% sure that this is squirting, but I always thought that a squirting orgasm would be more intense than otherwise - both girls have thought they hadn't even had an orgasm at all. What do you think?


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Can anyone clarify for me what that last sentence means? What does getting transcripts and quotables mean?