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I think Waffle house is still largest seller of tbone steaks in America. Dint forget the sandwich options, burgers, chicken, Texas bacon cheesesteak my personal favorite. Don't sell the waffle house short, it's way more than a breakfast joint.

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Why do stonks only go up?

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A lot of the Cincinnati arrests happened well after curfew and are likely related to not dispersing before the cops' bedtimes.

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Do you have any training or education in public health or public policy that would grant you some expertise in what is safe or unsafe for your community at this time?

Were you aware that while the directive to comply with White House guidelines has come from the secretary, discretion is left to the park superintendent whether to close or modify the operation of individual parks according to ABC news an hour ago ?

Were you aware of the organization Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks mentioned in the above article advocating for the closure of parks to protect employees and visits? Why not join them?

It seems from the above article that many parks have modified operations to limit employee contact with the public and to discourage visitors from congregating. If this was at the direction of the superintendents of those parks, is it possible your boss is just less cautious than those in the lower 48?

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If you believe this is some conspiracy to blame superintendents, do you think the secretary has a special affinity for the superintendents over Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island, Washington Monument and the Gold State Recreation Area, as he closed those sites according to WaPo?

I don't necessarily disagree that some of the more iconic sites where people are likely to congregate probably ought to close, but I do see merit in the argument that some willing to socially distance themselves by camping in the backcountry ought to be allowed to, particularly considering its technically their land.