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I think Waffle house is still largest seller of tbone steaks in America. Dint forget the sandwich options, burgers, chicken, Texas bacon cheesesteak my personal favorite. Don't sell the waffle house short, it's way more than a breakfast joint.

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Why do stonks only go up?

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Do you support well regulated hunting seasons for either or both of these animals where population targets are met?

As a vegan, how comfortable are you in a sort of coalition with backcountry hunters as advocates for public lands where a lot of these animals range?

What was your experience with the wilderness and outdoors before entering your current field?

Edit: I notice you spell rumor as rumour, I apologize if my first 2 questions are rather US centric. If you don't have thoughts on those matters, I underatand.

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I know this is effectively over, but you said you or people on your team may follow up later so I have a question for you and a question for them.

Two parter for you: Are you embarrassed by your performance in this AMA? Do you think it is good to present yourself as a tyrant for wanting to confiscate guns and a coward for refusing to defend that position to people who want answers?

Two parter for your team: Do you wish Beto hadn't said he wants to take peoples guns away? Are you concerned about your future with the campaign after organising this AMA which revealed your candidate to be a coward in regards to defending his statement to people who want answers.

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Well, technically no. But a dead guy you might've heard of probably would really like what they're doing, so they named themselves after him.