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What's Tilda Swinton like in real life? Everything I see her in she looks so ... mean.

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Well yeah, because a kid hears 1:10 odds and thinks, "I'll try those odds", because kids always assume they're invincible.

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Hi guys! Can I ask a tech question here please?

Why is so hard to count a set of different things, then take an average of those things from associated cells? For example an average of this years monthly sales.

I'll explain: Say I have a list of this years months as Jan-Nov. Each month appears numerous times. For example January appears 11 times, February appears 18 times and so on. Each of those month entries has an associated dollar value. These are actually recorded from my sales work. What I'd like is to figure the average dollar amount across those moths.

Far as I can tell, the way to do that is like this:


Column E is the Months, Column H is the dollar values. One thing I notice is that it when I change say, "H3:H149" to H3:H1000" across all of the H's, it returns an error. This is combated by only putting in for the cells that contai data.

Is there really nothing simpler to do this? Thanks in advance!

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Perfect! Thank you