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I was forced by my ISP to buy a Huawei router which was white labeled and rebranded for my ISP.

I’m in Germany and ISP is Telekom.

Imo we should be telling users if they do not trust their Gateway devices which they cannot control, simply put another NAT router behind the untrusted ISP router.

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Is the more than using shodan to find devices and then probing them with automated tools like metasploit and then attempting to open a shell over ssh using known credentials?

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Did you get fried for posting this, since you aren’t replying to comments?

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That’s then just the next solvable problem. Which i’m not trying to solve in this discussion, so I don’t find your comment pertinent.

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Are you sharing track with Freight and if you are and only have stops at major cities, how will trains manage to share the track and ensure that trains won’t be stuck behind slower rail? Is it planned to build additional passing loops?