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Did you think about the possible concerns there could be with you posting your name, where you live, what school you attend, etc on a public forum? Just FYI you could have messaged mods if anyone asked for proof without doxxing yourself.

Edit: Luckily she removed those pictures after a while.

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You should have picked it up and ate it. Woulda made him look like a dick.

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Yes, she had pictures of her school ID badge with last name removed, identifiable info about what school she attended and city she lives in, etc. She even had a full picture of herself, glad to see she removed all that stuff.

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What can I do to support net neutrality and keep the power of the internet in the hands of the masses? Also, where should I go to learn of current news and information regarding the struggle against major corporations who are fighting for profit, not the best interests of the public?

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I used to sell christmas trees and honestly shit like that is free. People will pick out a normal tree and ask for the top to be trimmed a bit so stuff like that gets thrown in the pile for people to pick up to make wreaths and shit out of. We always had people who would come by and pick up scraps.