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How come you don't have flair in this sub?

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Molly Ringwald's AMA is my personal favorite--she was genuine, knew who she was talking to, and was very funny besides. Then again, she's an actual Redditor and seemed to be doing it of her own volition. She wasn't just sweeping through to promote her new movie or whatever; the difference is enormous.

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You said your boss bought a lot of infomercial stuff, which I'm sure most normal people rarely do (or at least, I don't). So I'm curious: Was any of that infomercial stuff actually good/useful? Did you enjoy using it? How much of it was total crap?

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Phil, thanks for coming. I love the show. You've brought a very funny voice to the world of travel/food, and because of your humor, it actually feels more genuine somehow. A few questions for you:

  1. You've claimed that you never ate anything great during childhood. Does anything stand out as best/worst?

  2. Do you like to cook? And if so, what?

  3. It's really nice that you video chat with your parents every episode. Was that a conscious decision for the show? Do you call them every day?

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Hi Paul, I asked this question in your last AMA, but you weren't able to get to it, so I'll try again.

How concerned are you about over-exposure and commoditization (a la starbucks)? Fashion is such a fickle business, and so much of it is about finding the next thing once the high-street trends have trickled down to the Walmarts and Targets.

I love my AEs, and would hate to read about how you guys needed to scale back because you grew too big too quickly. I look at Alden, which sort of keeps its head down and does the same thing year-in year-out, and then I look at AE, which rolls out a dozen new styles and colors every season. How do you make this sustainable?