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Move out as soon as possible.

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Not true. I am a product of an interracial marriage - My father's Indian (Punjabi born and raised), my mother is Japanese (Japan born and raised). I have Desi cousins married to white people, SE Asians, Iranians, Muslims, Christians, etc.

Best not to paint everyone with the same "brown" brush, not everyone is so ignorant.

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Makes sense. Immigrants who segregate themselves from others tend to develop a narrow view of reality...segregation breeds intolerance.

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The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

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You're doing the smart thing, but what is your boyfriend doing to support you in this? Are you planning on moving in together after you get a job and are going to school?

Product of an interracial Indian (Punjabi) - Japanese union here...also wanted to say you are very brave for doing what you are doing. I have been blessed to come from a family where mixed marriages are very common (even inter-religious...including Hindu-Muslim), and it enrages me when I read about crap like this...cultural mixing has been a blessing for us, and has allowed us to appreciate cultural diversity more than not. This kind of thinking is sooooo backwards, and my Pop says how they should move back home if they want to keep things the way they are.

There really is no point in trying to convince them, prejudice like this is ingrained in them from birth, they can only come around if you show it can succeed...not saying they will come around, but if they do, it has to be something they have to do on their end.

Good luck, and never hesitate to ask for help K?

Edit: My parents are the interracial couple (by "product" I meant I'm their son ;p)