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I consistently cried at the curt but heartfelt life advice dispensed by Coach Eric Taylor.

The best response ever.

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I just wanted to say that the scene in "Warrior" with your song About Today is one of my favorites in any film. Your song really makes it.

It's perfect.

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How did Ryan Dunn's death affect your path to sobriety? I know it has been a long road - did a tragedy like that derail you, give you motivation, etc.? I ask because it seems like Bam has gone the opposite way of you in terms of taking control of a situation and i'm intrigued by how certain people confront these sort of obstacles.

I am 40 days deep today in my journey to swear off the party, and following you on social has been great insight into seeing that even the most reckless of us can do it, haha.

Congrats on everything and keep it up!

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I am friends with your sister.

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Thanks a lot for making me ball like a child in front of my girlfriend after watching 'So We Bought A Zoo'. I thought we had just gotten over the 'Marley and Me' cry fest from a few years prior.

Also, you and Affleck are my go to 'safe' actors. What I mean by that is that anything either of you put out I will always watch, and generally enjoy.

Behind the Candelabra was fantastic by the way.