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Do you guys have a preference internally between A1 and R1C1?

Also, what new features are you most excited to introduce into Excel that you're able to talk about?

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Yeah, same here. The only advantage I could see for using R1C1 is when using it is when writing a formula across many cells with different ranges in VBA. Something like "range("C1:C1000").formla = "=sum(RC[-2]:RC[-1]"" or something like that

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Ah I see. I meant when you have to write a worksheet formula, or a formula in VBA, do you have a preference between A1 and R1C1?

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They're putting their efforts in the JavaScript API. Look into ScriptLab. It's a much better development experience than VBE. And JavaScript / typescript offer many of the features you mentioned above. (Fwiw, I'm also employed as a VBA developer)

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I’ve recently started using ScriptLab and have been very impressed with the user interface. It looks miles ahead of something like VBE. Can we expect something like this to get integrated more tightly into Excel at some point in the future? i.e. not requiring an add-in or an internet connection