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What is the biggest thing keeping marijuana from be legalized nation wide? When you hear about cases, like the one featured on reddit yesterday, where a man in Louisiana received life in prison for selling Marijuana, does your organization react to it? Do you all try to help represent people on the hill in these extreme cases of punishment? What can I do locally to help your cause?

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What is your level of education? How did you get on the path to become an astronaut? Was it a childhood dream? How, out of the millions upon millions of people that want to go into space are you that one person who gets the opportunity? At what point did it go from a dream to a tangible reality? Good luck and please stay safe :-)

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Dawg, if you ever find yourself in DC, hit me up and we can trade shows: Absolute Vengeance - seriously, would be great to have you guys out here: http://www.facebook.com/absolutevengeance

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Big or not, if you ever find yourself in the Washington DC area would be awesome to play with another great band.