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While camping in Peru we heard a bullet ricochet off of a metal tower less than 20ft from our bikes. A serious wake up call, they wanted us off their land...clearly we had no clue. Five guys approached us, we thought we were going to be killed, but they were happy to see we were harmless travelers and let us pack our gear and buzz away

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Most of the HOLY SHIT moments were probably in Alaska. In the Clearwater mountains while bushwhacking and wading through mud and mosquitoes, we found ourselves stepping on fresh grizzly tracks (about the size of my head). A very "in tune" moment, knowing that shit could get very ugly...very fast.

Getting shot at in Peru was also a wake up call: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1ld1dh/we_are_two_friends_who_bought_oneway_tickets_to/cby12xh

I'll be honest, the most profound and thought provoking idea was very simple (for me at least). Now, more than ever, I am happy to appreciate that the quality of my life is no further than my four walls. Who do I live with? Where do I sleep? What do I eat? Where do I walk?

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Since middle school

That we're damn lucky to be traveling with the same intentions. Finding the right person to travel with is the absolute key

Cancer stick

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Food poisoned 2-3 times, nothing serious

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I did, and she's a gem. I'm forever thankful that she was supportive and that we were able to stick through