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At the end of the day a military solution will not solve the problem against duck horses or horse ducks. What we need is a political process!

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Very relevant question.. Debate in parliament this week to discuss arms exports.. My line: No weapons to countries violating human rights, as our policy stipulates referring to those weapons that can be used for HR violations. , idem if they can be used in regional conflicts. The Netherlands promotes common european positions on arms exports and arms control.

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I am against political correctness. There is a crisis related to the high flow of asylumseekers, which has to be managed. On the basis of our values, refugee law, and taking serious the concerns of our citizens. It is a complex issue. We have to combine support for countries like Jordan,Lebanon and Turkey, with proper screening at our external borders and solidarity and integration within Europe. And most importantly,opertionalize and execute what we have agreed in the European Union. Today we are all working on peace in Syria,am appalled by the continued bombardmends, they have to stop immediately.

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Excellent question. The European Union can become much more transparent and democratic. Proposals are being made to strengthen the role of national parliaments, to use methods like yellow and green cards,to be much more transparent on negotiations and to open up lobbyregisters/ So that people know what is going on, have much more influence, and know who is talking to the powerbrokers.

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Many reasons! It is good for the Dutch and Ukrainian people, helps stability on our eastern borders, creates economic opportunities and mutual trade, supports programmes to fight corruption and work together on issues like the trafficking of weapons etc. It is NOT a first step to EU Membership. This referendum is a new democratic instrument and I hope many will vote YES