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Thank you so much for doing this Ama!

My question is, you mentioned you were the prosecutor in the OJ Simpson case but that you now work as criminal defense attorney.

What pushed that shift from prosecutor to defense attorney?

Also, after OJ was found not guilty how did that effect your career moving forward?

Thanks again!

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Was that as a result of the verdict or something unrelated?

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Worked at Toy's R US during the Christmas season one year, and I was assisting a woman with one of the big motorized cars for kids. Well someone before put it up under the wrong price, and demanded I give it to her for that price. Got my manager and she said she'd sue all off us. Later on, he told me that's not the first time she'd done that.

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Oh yeah, we had people pissed too, but in all honesty, I feel like they shouldn't be doing that on Christmas Eve. I didn't get retained because I started really late in the season, but it was also only 2 months after my grandfather died. Anyways I was already pretty upset being Christmas eve was a big day for the two of us, and they told us they'd be letting us know the week after. I was upset about it but I didn't run acting super unprofessional though, I knew how to contain my emotions

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