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Why are most(?) of these scammers from Nigeria? What's special there that there isn't anywhere else in the world?

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How realistic do you think Interstellar was and how favourable (or not) are your scientists to sci-fy (or bad science) movies?

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Do you live in university like undergrads? Or do you rent your own home? Do you also have life outside Harvard?

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How important do you think are MOOCs (or MOOCs providers like EDX) to the future of CS education and making the world better, since more than 99.9% of people can't go to Harvard?

As a personal example, I am, for now, still intellectually unable to go to Harvard (or MIT), but after completing Introduction to CS from MIT part 1, part 2 and (almost) finishing CS50 (from Harvard), I changed in my local university from Electric Engineering to CS. Unfortunately they still have the old thinking like "you put an input and get a specific output" from programs, but, hey, better than engineering.

Thanks :)))

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We all know Facebook is pro-automation and etc (probably for cost reasons), so how do you think they could fix this in a "cheap way" - if they could? If they monitor all messages for scams and alert you when you send a gift card, they will be evil because they are reading your messages. If they add a "suspect profile" to everybody with same name as someone famous/verified, there will be real people that will be mistakenly targeted. If they block "real Zuckerberg here" in the description, they will find another way. So how do you see a possible fix?