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Have you ever any of the ideas proposed by Sebastian Junger in his book Tribe? He makes the argument that a great deal of the trauma experienced by soldiers (especially those who never saw combat or injury) is likely due to the jolt of leaving behind a communal, cooperative society such as life on base and returning to a fragmented, isolated society like we have today. Do you have any thoughts or knowledge on this?

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Thanks for doing this AMA! Trauma is just one of those things most people have experience with to some degree, but so few actually know anything about it or how it works. I appreciate you working to educate people!

My question is what do you think about the developments in treatment involving psychedelic drugs? The stories I’ve heard about their effectiveness in treating things like combat-induced PTSD have been astonishing. Do you think something like psychedelic-assisted therapy could be the closest we can get to a one-size-suits-all approach?