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Forgot the link in case you want more info:Link to the registry

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In my case, the patient didn't have a match until I joined. So when they analysed my sample, they moved on it right away.

The collection is generally done though the arms, just like giving blood. The difference is that your right arm (where the machine collects blood) is held still the whole time, and the left arm (where the filtered blood is returned) can move around.

In my case, I didn't have big enough veins, so they stuck it little pipe into my neck (sounds scary but was actually easier). It freed up both of my hands which was kind of nice.

When they're done, they tilt me backwards and pull the pipe out then apply pressure for 15 minutes. After that it's all set and you go home.

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Thanks! I didn't hesitate because the procedure is totally safe, and some kid's life depended on it. That made the decision a no-brainer.

I was actually asked yesterday about whether or not I wanted to find out who it was, and I basically said "whatever the the patient is comfortable with".

All contact flows through the Marrow registry and not information is given out unless both parties consent, so I don't want bother them if they're more comfortable with keeping it private. I don't know why they would want to, but this kind of thing can be touchy.

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Congratulations! From everything I've read, it just feels like you've fallen on your butt afterwords.

Post about it when you finish it, I'm interested to hear how it went.

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Glad to help, you can sign up here