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Jupiter is a bandwidth hog and never seeds.

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or a world famous, hall of fame athlete.

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I still get spammy emails from an "action committee" every 3-4 days from some online petition I signed 2 years ago. I gave them a special gmail address extension (anything after a + can be added to your gmail address for a "custom" one), and I can tell from that bit of data that my email and name were given to 3rd parties.

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The only way you and your instrument are going to be able to travel with any assurances of not being damaged is to pay for a charter flight.

You would probably have better luck putting your bass in a special case and sending it custom critical via fed ex to your final destination than take a chance w/airport security.

I know a guitar player who bought an incredibly expensive guitar case to hold his old Martin D-28, one that had active humidity controls, shock absorbers, kevlar, all kinds of crap. The baggage handlers at the airport managed to break it basically in half. The EU is working to change some of the rules about bringing instruments onto planes (for the better), but that probably won't affect the US, and it probably won't matter for something as large as a double bass.

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he said grist.

Can someone collect all of the good words in this AMA and make a Decemberists song out of them, please?

We could call it "Oh, Reddit?"