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benny19691 karma

Hello and thanks for doing this. Controversial question for sure but I have to know from people who should know...what are your thoughts on the USA’s response and constant flip flopping on rules for opening things, mask mandates, vaccination boosters, etc? It seems that we are finally getting tired of Fauci and his seemingly endless quest to stay relevant. He is making Americans start to question the “science” and that’s not good at all. And, what do you think about a person who was vaccinated (Pfizer) and still has arm pain and numbness after 4 months? I have not seen a doctor about it. And to be clear, I 100% believe Covid is here, deadly and not to be taken lightly. I was vaccinated as soon as I became eligible and my immediate family is the same. Unfortunately my wife and 12 year old son have had Covid. Still dealing with the effects with my wife and she got it on December 1st.