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Hi Shaq, thanks for being an inspiration. I have two questions:

  1. In your book, you seem to allude to a suspicion the NBA engineered those backboard supports in Phoenix and NJ to fail in your rookie year. The breakages brought you, and the NBA, incredible publicity - both games were promoted and nationally televised. The Phoenix breakage seems especially suspicious given Oliver Miller would have dunked on that rim thousands of time in practice. Then again, the potential for catastrophic injury seems too big for the association to risk the welfare of one of it's future superstars. Now you're a few years removed as a player, can you expand on the topic at all? Or put a great conspiracy theory to rest.

  2. You earned your PHD on the topic of education, and your dissertation touched upon the importance of humor in leadership. Can you share something interesting from this that would be useful to others (teacher here).

Peace and love from Australia.

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What behaviour management strategies did you see as successful with the most difficult individuals? Examples would be great.

Was there an organisational mindset that you were there to discipline them, or more so supporting / preparing them for life outside?