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For a while I considered going into nursing myself, as a guy. What are some of the challenges working as a male nurse as opposed to a female nurse? One guy I knew went into nursing but found it incredibly challenging and quit shortly thereafter. I wasn't a close friend and never got to ask him why.

Do male nurses get treated differently by other nurses, patients or doctors?

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Thanks for answering. The house rule suggesting a female chaperone for catheters is absolutely crazy. I've had experiences with male nurses as a patient and they've been nothing but fantastic. Thanks for your hard work. Nurses are always underappreciated.

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Congrats man, that's an amazing achievement.

My wife is going through her own lifestyle change right now, she's already lost over 70 pounds. One thing that's bothering her right now is all the excess "loose" skin all around. It's making her feel real self-conscious. How did you deal with that? Surgery? Other means? If so, how did that work out for you?