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Dear Mr. Offerman- I just want to say, thanks for being such a great role model for us budding hirsute, polite, and outdoor-oriented men. Any advice for a man who's dealing with a lot of indecision (romantic relationships, career stuff)? Also- today i am hosting a chili cook-off and tug-of-war at the Yale Forestry School. Frankly, I can't think of anything more Nick Offerman- if you're anywhere near New Haven, CT come on over and give a tug.

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Is Liz Westby the one running the USGS volcanoes twitter account? Whoever it is-- thank you SO MUCH! Your work to shine a light on the ramp up to May 18, 1980 with Mt St Helens has been phenomenal!

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Well this is an incredibly cool interaction. Two dudes saying hey and thanks to each other who just happen to be more or less creating/managing/advising everything affecting my generation of consumers. thanks for leading 21st century innovation and helping good ideas become real things.

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you poor bastard

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