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No, from what I understand it is loosely based on geography. I believe large areas during weekdays such as NYC have Amazon Flex. USPS is used for rural, and is the sole shipper on Sundays and Holidays. It could be whoever told you that did not understand that Amazon can't just switch carriers, they each serve their own purpose for different demands and geographic areas.

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Yes, the postmasters are understanding and will send help and try to help drivers out.

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1) yes, the driver most likely lied. The only other possibility is sometimes there are very long gravel driveways in the country that are impassable, also very aggressive dogs can prevent us from reaching the porch. However, some postmasters tell us to drop the package at the property line regardless, while others tell us to scan it and take it back to the post office.

If the driver did lie, they probably did so under instruction from their postmaster.

2) As only an ARC delivering Amazon packages on Sundays and Holidays, my starting pay was $17.40 with no extra benefits.

3) Apart from the disorganization, the actual delivering of packages is quite easy, especially once you start to learn the area and find certain shortcuts instead of backtracking like the turn by turns sometimes have you do. I find the pay and commitment is very good for a side job.

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About 120 average per driver, and I'm not sure about weekdays since I only work Sundays and holidays!

Edit: for holidays, it can get really crazy, but they spread us out across more post offices. During non-holiday times, they have us start at a hub office, meaning five different Post Offices report to a main office and deliver everything from.there. So there can be 40 drivers each Sunday.

Then during holidays, they split us back up to our home offices and it's fewer people per office and we usually do a route then come back and pick up another route.

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I'm not sure, it could be the postmaster trying to meet internal USPS demands. There is no continuity between post offices.