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יש המון

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Hi Jory! I'm also Autistic (currently going through a rediagnosis in order to apply for welfare recognition - not an easy thing to do in my country), about the exact same age as you, living in Israel, and currently a bachelor's student for Political Science and Sociology and Anthropology.

I had two questions -

  1. Are you familiar with any Autistic people who have been able to succeed in Social Sciences or similar academic fields?

  2. How were you able to get into publishing and writing in the first place?

Congratulations on your book!

*Edit - grammar and correction of your name - sorry!

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What do you think it would take for rock music to become a viable, popular genre like it used to be?

EDIT: also I wanted to say that I liked your 80's and 70's lists from this year, but I was a bit disappointed in the 70's one. I really do think prog had a bigger impact than what was represented on the list, especially with regards to Pink Floyd, who really do reach a varied audience to this day. Also - no Bee Gees at all? Come on guys.