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Wow I did not expect to read about Challenger II being dusted off and setting records in 2016! So happy to see this.

A couple of questions....

First, checking out your website, it looks like you made the run on a Saturday and the return the next day. I always thought for speed records there was generally something like a 1 or 2 hour limit to turn around? Is there an official window?

Also, I remember reading many years ago (in the 80's or 90's) in one of the car mags that Bonneville was drying up, which was causing the salt to be more of a loose powder instead of hard packed, and that it might not be possible to race on someday. Do you know if this trend is continuing or did that turn out not to be the case?

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On a busy day what is your go-to source for news when you want just the facts?

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I read something a while ago that in the US the FedEx Ground workers (or the drivers at least) are not employees, they are "independent contractors". Is it like this in Canada as well?

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I can't remember the specific article, so I googled it and it might have been this one.

This was also in the search results so it looks like it is the same in Canada.