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It's a hot topic in our town, Buena Vista, CO. I personally see camping as a fairly safe activity, but all the traffic to remote areas has other repercussions. One example, locals are already having to wait 20+ minutes to just get into our grocery store at times. Imagine that line if we open up campgrounds for Memorial Weekend.

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This isn’t 9/11 related but you said anything! As a crew member, have you ever been nervous on a flight before with turbulence or something otherwise? If so, how was it dealing with the passengers?

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Wow that’s incredible! Did the pilot ever say anything or the passenger’s notice it? Was the rest of the flight just normal on a single engine?

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Have you heard of any newer cases from people that took social distancing seriously early on? I'm talking about folks that are staying home for the most part and when grocery shopping (or whatever other essential reason) wipe carts, bring hand sanitizer, wash hands after, etc.

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Thanks for the reply! Maybe you can elaborate on the "stay inside" whenever possible idea. For example, the closest house to mine is about a quarter mile away. Is the governor (and/or other experts) suggesting that even my backyard isn't safe?