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My husband had a wolf malamute cross and that buddy was not for the faint of heart either. He was the sweetest, sweetest boy but did not enjoy inside living. He was happiest being outdoors, especially in the snow and would wander long distances. People all over town knew him and would report seeing him miles away. I had a spunky Pomeranian at the time who was no nonsense with bigger dogs getting in his space. One day I was holding my dog and Lobo (the wolf cross) came up and stuck his muzzle right in his butt. My dog Pip gave him a sharp nip on his nose that drew blood. Lobo just looked at him in a confused way and walked away. I was shocked that he behaved that way. He could have easily bitten Pip's leg off!

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Yay Wolfpack! Fellow Alum here with a BS in Zoology. In stranger news, I'm also a UT Alum with a MSN in Nursing. I swear I'm not stalking you or anything...

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2001 to 2005

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Awesome! I am a RN in the states and I work in pediatric public health. I have been very interested in doing something like that. How are you able to take that much time off and retain your job? As a state employee I have the ability to get donated volunteer leave from my coworkers (we get 26 hours a year and few use all that), so I've considered going that route as a medical volunteer.

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Another nurse here - Bag Balm is good for severe dry skin, i.e. overwashed winter hands. It's made with lanolin. I've had a tin of it in my bathroom for like 10 years and it's still going strong. They sell it in the lotion section of CVS or Walgreens.