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There were many. But I would have to say one of the worst encounters I ever had was with my old foster mothers boyfriend, who was proudly six months younger than her oldest son. He was an alcoholic and hid it from us. I would find half gallons of vodka hidden in the bathroom and he would be drunk off his ass almost every night. One morning, about ten am. I get a call from my lawyer stating that my mom is in jail. As soon as I get off the phone I hear a strange noise coming from outside. I go to the front door, already in tears, and my foster moms man is sitting on the porch bleeding singing to the cats. I open the door to ask if he's ok, and he pushes me to the ground. Saying ridiculous things and shouting at the top of his lungs standing over top of me. This was about a week and a half after I moved in. He continued this for about thirty minutes and I managed to hide myself in the bathroom and phone the police. I was not allowed to live there much longer after I had criminalized the homeowner's boy toy.

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I am eligible for grants from the state of Oregon to help support me through college. I plan on becoming a dentist. But the freedom I am experiencing from not dealing with DHS is worth everything to me right now.

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Foster care in itself is abuse. Most children in it, no matter how horrible their home lives were will tell you that they would rather be with their parents. I befriended a girl in the first foster home I was placed into. She was the only one that spoke English in that household, she was 17 and 8 months pregnant when I met her. I was 14 and quite taken back by the whole situation. I was one of the first to hold her baby, but have no idea how she is doing now.

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Determination to not become like my foster parents helped. As most of them lived off of my foster care check that came. (About $1000.)

More foster parents, more caseworker, harder certification requirements, and more resources. Also, attending to the kids and treating them as children instead of criminals. I know a lot of foster kids have to go through drug tests simply because it's required. It's really demeaning.

I ski, long board, was a cheerleader, I like to hike and spend a lot of my time outdoors. I like to spend a lot of time with friends and my very supportive boyfriend and his family.

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Why thank you stranger. That means a lot. Validation is always a nice feeling.