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beatsantiqueofficial20 karma

LOVE to see people rocking out in crazy costumes and flying their freak flags!

beatsantiqueofficial12 karma

Zoe here: I love the band Flume (for chill times)and Mr. Carmack (for amping up times)

beatsantiqueofficial10 karma

make sure she is there at the end of Beats set!

beatsantiqueofficial9 karma

tons of remixes of course

beatsantiqueofficial9 karma

recording with les was completely mobile, internet, downloads, smart phones and technology time... we sent him the stems of the sketch track we had, he recording bass while bouncing down the road on his tour bus, we texted notes back and forth and he did a spoken word rant about beelzebub, and we cut it up and made it all work!! tommy