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I have non-celiac gluten intolerance and IBD (ulcerative colitis). Cutting out gluten reduced my symptoms and inflammation by 85-90%!

I tested negative for celiac and found this through doing an elimination diet.

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Not OP but also a BMT survivor of 20 years. I do have low ovarian reserve, but otherwise am pretty normal.

However, I was premenstrual (11) and went straight to BMT, so I only had the myeloablative radiation and chemo conditioning for a week pre-transplant.

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Nice work! 20 year survivor of childhood AML/MDS here. My donor was the only match in the registry at the time— there were just 2.5 million people registered worldwide back then, compared to 35 million today.

Brianne, did you have genetic testing done before your transplant? I did recently (they used a skin biopsy!) and was surprised to learn that I had a genetic mutation (GATA2 deficiency) which caused the AML and bone marrow failure.

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Have you considered systemic pressure as a contributor to mental illness— in terms of the need for teens to adapt to achievement-based institutions? Is there any correlation with anxiety/suicide and navigating extracurriculars, academics, getting into and paying for college, and finding a career path?

I have heard this is the case in Asian countries where “cram schools” are a thing, wondering if it translates to the US as well. It seems that for young folks in the US particularly, their future is high stakes because it is so fraught with the potential for economic ruin if they fail to succeed academically.